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Surface Technology, Inc. is the creator and technical leader of CDC - Composite Diamond Coating®, an exceptionally engineered coating of electroless nickel with fine diamond. The synergy of these materials makes CDC an exceptionally hard and wear resistant coating. CDC conforms to even the most complex geometries and is an excellent replacement for chrome plating. STI makes CDC available via coating services from its production facility as well as chemical products sold directly, through a network of distributors, and by agreement with licensees worldwide.

Company History


STI launches a new YouTube channel dedicated to providing useful video content to the electroless nickel plating industry. The channel features best practices on EN plating from STI solar powered, zero discharge facility that has been named a “Top Shop” by Products Finishing Magazine seven years running. The videos showcase information on plating procedures, One-Plate® single component electroless nickel, and advanced composite versions that can serve a wide range of functions. There are also videos with information on how to improve plating quality, productivity, and profitability. Visit the channel at https:/

STI continues its dedication to supporting the metal finishing industry by presenting multiple papers at Sur/Fin 2023, the EN Conference 2023, and multiple local chapters of the NASF. These presentations include best practices developed in STI’s plating shop that was named a Top Shop by Products Finishing Magazine for a seventh time. In addition, STI President, Michael Feldstein, is nominated to be a board member of the Masters’ Association of Metal Finishers.

STI launches the website to provide information to platers worldwide interested in One-Plate® single component electroless nickel, and connect them with the growing list of suppliers featuring One-Plate®.

STI demonstrates the exceptional sustainability of One-Plate® electroless nickel and composite electroless nickel solutions that can operate at temperatures as low as 70 degrees C; nickel metal concentrations ranging from 3 to 6 grams per liter; that are ROHS, ELV, and REACH compliant; and made without the addition of PFAS materials.

STI has been selected as the #1 plating shop in the US plating industry for 2021. The achievement was determined by Products Finishing Magazine’s comprehensive Top Shop program review of data for each shop for quality, productivity, investment, research/development, training, environmental compliance, and other factors. Click here to see the article.

STI keeps up its pace of innovation and achievement. A new advanced method of using STI’s One-Plate single component EN is highlighted by Products Finishing Magazine. Click here to read the article. STI also celebrates that Doan Nguyen becomes the third member of the company’s team to be recognized as one of the “40 Under 40 Top Young Professionals” in the metal finishing industry.

STI is proud to maintain full scale operations throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to serve all of its customers including applying coatings for critical components used in the storage of the vaccines.

STI is granted additional patent recognition for further advanced developments in its One-Plate® single component electroless nickel systems, making them even more convenient and versatile. US Patents 10,731,257 and 10,731,258 and China Patent ZL201580064962.6.

STI is proud to receive for the fourth time the “Top Shop” honor in the annual comprehensive benchmarking survey of the plating industry by Products Finishing magazine that recognizes the top 25 best finishing shops in the U.S. Click here to read more about this honor.

In recognition for STI's exceptionally green environmental facility, equipment, and processed; the company is recognized as a “Ewing Green Business” by the Ewing Township Green Business Recognition Program.  This award coincides with STI having been asked to speak about the environmental features of its operations at the annual Sur/Fin industry conference in Chicago on June 4.

STI again receives a “Top Shop” honor in an industry benchmarking survey conducted by Products Finishing magazine that recognizes the top 25 best finishing shops in the U.S.

STI’s own Edy Maldonado is named as one of Products Finishing Magazine’s “40 Under 40 Top Young Professionals” in the metal finishing industry.  STI is proud of Edy who is now our second team member to have achieved “40 Under 40” recognition.  The complete article can be found at:
STI is featured by Products Finishing Magazine for its 45 year history of innovation in the plating industry.
860 new solar electric panels now power the manufacturing activities at STI’s customized facility.  This system has the capacity of saving over 2,300 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions every day which is equivalent to planting about 75 trees; and reduces STI’s operating costs dramatically.  It is a bold symbol of STI’s commitment to environmental protection as well as operational excellence and economy.
The US Patent and Trademark Office recognizes the novelty of STI’s One-Plate® electroless nickel system with the granting of US Patent No. 10,006,126.

STI develops its breakthrough One-Plate® electroless nickel system for EN-PTFE plating.  Now the simplest EN system in the world with just one single "Q" component for both the make-up and replenishment can be used to produce outstanding EN-PTFE coatings.  And remarkably, the system with PTFE lasts for 9 metal turnovers… three times the standard lifetime of conventional EN-PTFE baths.

In its 43rd year, STI moves to a substantially larger custom designed facility to house the company’s growing plating, manufacturing, and development activities.  1405 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing, New Jersey 08618 is now the address for STI’s global headquarters.
The founder of Surface Technology, Inc. was inducted into the Electroplating Hall of Fame. Dr. Nathan Feldstein is one of only sixteen people granted this honor.
STI is named one of the top 25 best finishing shops in the U.S., according to an industry benchmarking survey conducted by Products Finishing magazine, a trade publication which has covered the industry since 1938. 
STI Introduces the breakthrough One-Plate® electroless nickel system.  This revolutionizes EN plating with just one single "Q" component for both the make-up and replenishment of EN baths that overcomes the many shortcomings of the decades old practice of using three or four different solutions.
Surface Technology, Inc. continues to live up to its reputation and leadership position in the composite electroless nickel plating field.  This time it is through our development of electroless nickel-PTFE baths that are made without perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) which have been identified as potentially hazardous to the environment.

As the leader in composite electroless nickel, STI has developed chemistries and processes for producing black versions of its most popular coatings.  Now electroless nickel with diamond, PTFE, boron nitride, silicon carbide, and other materials can be made with a black appearance.

2012 – Keeping up with the unique demands for a growing array of applications for composite electroless nickel coatings, STI pioneers the development of such coatings in a black colored appearance.

2011 – Reinforcing its leadership in composite plating, STI is granted two new patents, 7,744,685 and 8,147,601, covering environmentally advanced RoHS, ELV compliant technologies.

2010 – Utilizing its unsurpassed know-how in composite coating, STI develops TraceCoat™, a new category of coatings with product identification and authentication properties.

2010 – STI begins manufacturing precision components prior to coating in order to serve a greater role in its customers product cycle.

2009 – STI earns the distinction of becoming the world’s first solar powered plating facility with the installation of over 250 photovoltaic energy panels on the roof of its facility. Click here to see photographs of the installation, and here to read more about the exceptional environmental project.

2009 – STI is granted Federal Firearms License in order to respond to customer interest in having STI apply its functional and cosmetic coatings to firearms components.

2008 – STI shatters the speed barrier by developing an electroless nickel-PTFE plating bath featuring a plating rate two to three times the industry standard.

2008 – STI marks its 35th anniversary with an even stronger commitment to protecting the environment. The Company has retrofit their entire New Jersey facility with energy saving light fixtures.

2007 – STI launched its newly redesigned website with a more expansive product line and detailed technical information.

2007 – STI filed necessary papers with the State of New Jersey to install state of the art solar electric generating panels across the roof of its production plant

2007 – STI establishes new licenses for CDC in China

2006 - To serve additional customer needs, STI installs new vibratory polishing equipment to expand the range of surface finishes available on the Company's proprietary coatings.

2005 - Addressing environmental priorities and leading the plating industry, STI is the first company to introduce a complete line of electroless nickel systems free of heavy metals. Systems include high, low, and medium phosphorous electroless nickel, nickel-boron alloys, as well as composites with diamond, silicon carbide, PTFE, boron nitride, and more.

2003 - STI celebrated its 30th year with the issuance of a positive review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on the use of four of STI's coatings in food applications. To see more, click here.

2002 - Building on ten years of research and development, STI makes composite coatings with nanometer-sized particles commercially available under the trade name of Nano-Plate.

2001 - New equipment is incorporated to enhance STI's coating service, including a computer network with customized hardware and software to track and certify customers' orders processed in STI's facility.

2000 - STI received a grant from the State of New Jersey Department of Labor to achieve ISO 9000 certification.

1999 - STI celebrated its 25th Anniversary

1999 - In conjunction with a local university, STI demonstrated the increased thermal transfer properties of certain proprietary composite electroless nickel coatings.

1998 - The Bor-fuse™ surface hardening process was added to STI's array of advanced technologies.

1997 - STI unveiled the internet website to provide information on all its products and services.

1996 - STI received two patents covering composite coatings containing light emitting particles for authenticating original equipment parts or indicating wear to critical components.

1994 - The United States Golf Association (USGA) ruled that STI’s Composite Diamond Coating®™ conforms to the rules of golf.

1993 - Through independent robotics testing, STI demonstrated that an increase of over seven percent in ball distance is achieved when Composite Diamond Coating®™ is applied to golf clubs. Surface Technology, Inc. received two U.S. Patents covering this exciting application for its coating.

1990 - Dr. Nathan Feldstein authored the chapter on "Composite Electroless Plating" for the comprehensive book Electroless Plating Fundamentals and Applications published by the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society.

1989 - IBM Corporation acquired a non-exclusive worldwide license under STI’s patents, recognizing the extensive applicability of STI’s technologies.

1988 - STI relocated its business, research and manufacturing operations to its own custom designed headquarters. This innovative facility employs automated state-of-the-art equipment to implement STI’s expanding activities. It was designed and constructed in conjunction with STI’s ongoing commitment to environmental concerns.

1980 - STI was recognized by the State of New Jersey’s Office for the Promotion of Technical Innovation for developments in plating semiconductor printed circuit boards and plastics.

1978 - Through an agreement with E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, STI acquired the complete rights to a unique plating process incorporating diamond particles within electroless nickel to add wear resistance to objects subject to heavy abrasion. The process is called Composite Diamond Coating®™. STI has extended the know-how received from du Pont by developing new composite coatings. In one such development, the NiSlip™ family of coatings contain self lubricating particles to reduce friction and extend wearlife.

1976 - The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office simultaneously issued four patents to STI marking a strong beginning for the Company’s capacity for innovation.

1974 - STI received notoriety in the trade press for its development of non-noble metal catalysts made from readily available chemical compounds that are fully compatible with electroless plating systems.

1973 - Surface Technology, Inc. founded by Dr. Nathan Feldstein.

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