Creator of Composite Diamond Coating®

Surface Technology, Inc. is the creator and technical leader of CDC - Composite Diamond Coating®, an exceptionally engineered coating of electroless nickel with fine diamond. The synergy of these materials makes CDC an exceptionally hard and wear resistant coating. CDC conforms to even the most complex geometries and is an excellent replacement for chrome plating. STI makes CDC available via coating services from its production facility as well as chemical products sold directly, through a network of distributors, and by agreement with licensees worldwide.

Contact STI for One-Plate® Electroless Nickel solutions, the simplest EN in the world. These One-Plate® systems use just one “Q” solution for both bath make-up and replenishment. This innovation by STI overcomes the many shortcomings of using three A, B, and C solutions. Available in low, medium, high phosphorous, and composite EN varieties. Naturally, all are RoHS compliant.”

Chemical Deburring & Polishing

Deburr 1000™ is a revolutionary process for deburring most types of carbon steel. This unique electroless chemical process removes burrs on steel parts which are created by cutting, milling, forging, and molding, without distorting even the most intricately shaped parts.

Deburr 1000™ provides numerous advantages over conventional deburring methods such as grinding, polishing, thermal, and electrolytic deburring which require excessive manual labor time and additional costs. This economical and reliable process will not damage sensitive surfaces often caused by tumbling and grinding operations.

Deburr 1000™ can be used in two ways:

  • Short immersion times quickly sever burrs from the workpiece at their base. The burrs then fully dissolve in the bath. Reproducibility of material removal is as low as 0.5 micron.
  • Longer immersion times polish, shape, and round the edges of precision parts. Surfaces can be polished to a peak-to-valley height of 0.1 micron.

Achieving these outstanding surface characteristics has proven especially useful for moving parts in the textile, gear, molding, and many other high-speed assembly and processing industries where precision metal parts contact other metal parts or delicate materials. Smoother and rounder surfaces on these parts provide greater reliability and longer life for these parts as well as less damage to other parts and materials that make contact with the deburred parts.

The Deburr 1000™ process is environmentally friendly. It leaves parts clean and ready for immediate use, or for subsequent surface finishing operations, if desired. Treating deburred parts with any of Surface Technology, Inc.’s proprietary coatings will provide optimal hardness, wear, corrosion and impact resistance, or self-lubricity.

The Deburr 1000™ technology is available from STI:

  • As a coating service from STI’s production facility onto your parts, and
  • In chemical products from STI for customers to use in their own facilities.

These chemical components are formulated for maximum reliability, convenience, and economy; and are backed up by STI’s first hand practical knowledge of their operation. 

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