Creator of Composite Diamond Coating®

Surface Technology, Inc. is the creator and technical leader of CDC - Composite Diamond Coating®, an exceptionally engineered coating of electroless nickel with fine diamond. The synergy of these materials makes CDC an exceptionally hard and wear resistant coating. CDC conforms to even the most complex geometries and is an excellent replacement for chrome plating. STI makes CDC available via coating services from its production facility as well as chemical products sold directly, through a network of distributors, and by agreement with licensees worldwide.

STI Company Profile

Since 1973, Surface Technology, Inc. (STI) has been a world recognized innovative force in the metal finishing industry. As a result of the Company's pioneering research and development, Surface Technology, Inc. has been granted over 100 U.S. and foreign patents, with more pending. This technology has been extended to customers around the world through the sale of products from the Company's customized headquarters and production facilities in New Jersey. STI has also extended its technology through license agreements in the U.S. and worldwide including: Allied-Kelite; Atotech; Coventya; C. Uyemura & Co.; Electrochemicals; Endura; OMG-Fidelity Chemical Products Corp.; ESK; GES; Hitachi; IBM; Kanigen of Japan; Lea Ronal; MacDermid-Enthone; Okuno Chemical Industries Co.; Olin Hunt; Q&M Enterprises; Roehlen Industries; Rohm & Haas; Sandvik Hyperion; Schering; Shipley; SurTec International; and others.

  • Economical

    Customers of STI's coating services benefit from the economy and control STI achieves by using it's own chemical products.

  • Quality

    To its customers that use STI's chemical products, STI provides the same high quality chemicals STI uses in its own facility as well as unprecedented first hand knowledge and support of these products.

  • Logistics

    STI is also able to refer inquiries and work opportunities to its chemical customers around the world for logistical and economical considerations to best serve the end customer.

STI Products Overview

STI produces protective metal coatings and numerous families of proprietary chemical solutions including ADDPLATE ™, NiPLATE™, NiSLIP™, Composite Diamond Coating®, Nano-Plate™, TraceCoat®, Enbo™, Deburr 1000™, Bor-Fuse™, One-Plate 1001®, Surfcat™, Promoter™, and Pitless NF™ which are widely used in the metal finishing industry. STI’s solutions are formulated to meet the precise needs and convenience of its customers, including unique variations ideal for export. These solutions are sold both directly to end users as well as to distributors in the U.S. and around the world.

Metal Finisher in New Jersey Becomes an Innovator

As a chemistry lecturer at Brooklyn College and the City University of New York, Nathan Feldstein became a leader in pioneering research of electroplating, manufracturing. nathan-feldstein.png He won RCA outstanding achievement awards in 1968 and 1972 for pretreatment and plating developments that enabled production of the videodisc, which the company marketed as Selectavision for many years. Dr. Feldstein’s commitment to the surface finishing industry encompassed presenting papers and publishing research on his developments. In 1990, he authored the chapter on composite electroless plating for the book “Electroless Plating Fundamentals and Applications” published by the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society. Dr. Nathan Feldstein was inducted into the Products Finishing Plating Hall of Fame in 2016 in recognition for his career of service to the finishing industry.

In total, Dr. Feldstein authored and presented more than 40 papers at national and international conferences and wrote more than 50 technical papers that were published around the world. He was chairman of the Electrochemical Society national meeting symposium on electrodeposition processes in the electronics industry, and a member of several AESF committees, including its paper committee. All of this was in addition to founding Surface Technology Inc. in 1973. Over his years, he has developed many patented formulations and processes that have helped mold how companies apply electroless nickel coatings today. Here are a few of those patents

A Leader
in the Metal Finishing Industry