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Metal Finishing Company


Super hard coatings for your most demanding applications.

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Low Friction Coatings Steel, Aluminum

Low Friction

Slick surfaces for ultra-low friction and release.

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High Friction Coatings for Metals

High Friction

Coatings to give you friction, grip, and light absorption.

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Nickel Composite Coatings Research


Engage our decades of coating and chemistry expertise for your custom needs.

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Electroless Plating Nickel

Electroless Nickel

The most extensive line of electroless nickel solutions available.

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Pioneer Metal Finishing


More unique and innovative technologies developed by STI.

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Surface Technology, Inc. is an

Innovative Leader in the Metal Finishing Industry

Surface Technology, Inc. is driven to innovate and manufacture. Our team takes pride in taking on challenging applications with an inventive mindset to create solutions.

Since 1972, we’ve done this through a unique combination of being both a manufacturer of plating chemical products and an active plating job shop; all accomplished in a solar powered, zero discharge, and environmental award-winning facility with an extensive R&D laboratory.

STI focuses on electroless nickel so we can continually take this technology to new levels. Our products include the breakthrough One-Plate® single component electroless nickel, and high-performance composite coatings with Teflon®, diamond, boron nitride, and silicon carbide.

Just as importantly as the products we have innovated over the years are the products we have yet to develop to meet the needs of our customers, our industry and our world.

Latest News

Diamond Coated Golf Clubs

Surface Technology, Inc. has made the golf industry's long awaited dream a clubs coated with diamond, the hardest material known to man. Please watch this video created by a passionate golf club refinisher to learn why STI is so excited to make Composite Diamond Coating® available for golf clubs.

Composite Diamond Coating® provides numerous important performance advantages for glof clubs as you can see on this page.

YouTube Channel for Electroless Nickel Best Practices

Surface Technology, Inc. (STI) is excited to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel dedicated to providing useful video content to the electroless nickel plating industry. Our channel features best practices on EN plating from our solar powered, zero discharge “Top Shop” facility, which we are proud to share with our viewers.
The YouTube channel will showcase information on plating procedures, One-Plate® single component electroless nickel, and advanced composite versions that can serve a wide range of functions. There are also videos with information on how to improve plating quality, productivity, and profitability.
STI will be frequently adding new videos, so we encourage you to:
1.Visit the channel.
2.Watch and “like” the videos.
3.Subscribe to the channel (free) so you will receive updates when new videos are posted.
4.Suggest any new video topics you think we should make.
5.Share the link to the channel to anyone that would be interested; and have them do 1, 2, 3, and 4 above.
Check out the electroless nickel channel at:

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