STI's Solar Powered Facility

Metal Finishing Company


Super hard coatings for your most demanding applications.

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Low Friction Coatings Steel, Aluminum

Low Friction

Slick surfaces for ultra-low friction and release.

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High Friction Coatings for Metals

High Friction

Coatings to give you friction, grip, and light absorption.

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Nickel Composite Coatings Research


Engage our decades of coating and chemistry expertise for your custom needs.

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Electroless Plating Nickel

Electroless Nickel

The most extensive line of electroless nickel solutions available.

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Pioneer Metal Finishing


More unique and innovative technologies developed by STI.

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Surface Technology, Inc. is a Metal

Finishing Industry & Coatings Leader

Metal Coatings Manufacturer

We manufacture and sell many different nickel composite coatings for electroless nickel plating facilities around the globe. Our Composite Diamond Coatings are recognized as the best in class for wear resistance and high friction coatings applications. Our low friction coatings combine electroless nickel chemicals with PTFE, boron nitride or a nickel boron alloy called ENBO-HB™. Our One-Plate® solutions have revolutionized the EN plating industry.

Metal Finishing Services

Since 1973, STI has operated our electroless nickel plating shop in NJ and over the years, we have developed processes, technologies and expertise that continues to set the standard for electroless plating services in the USA and abroad. Unlike other metal finishers, we stay true to our commitment to high precision coatings, fast turnarounds and competitive prices.

Latest News

STI Achieves the Highest “Top Shop” Honor

STI has been selected as the #1 plating shop in the US plating industry for 2021.  The achievement was determined by Products Finishing Magazine’s comprehensive Top Shop program review of data for each shop for quality, productivity, investment, research/development, training, environmental compliance, and other factors. Click here to see the article.

Advanced Uses of One-Plate® EN

As the use of STI’s One-Plate® single component electroless nickel systems grows at an exceptional pace, platers are finding new advanced uses for the novel technology as highlighted in a Products Finishing Magazine.  Click here to see this article.

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