Creator of Composite Diamond Coating®

Surface Technology, Inc. is the creator and technical leader of CDC - Composite Diamond Coating®, an exceptionally engineered coating of electroless nickel with fine diamond. The synergy of these materials makes CDC an exceptionally hard and wear resistant coating. CDC conforms to even the most complex geometries and is an excellent replacement for chrome plating. STI makes CDC available via coating services from its production facility as well as chemical products sold directly, through a network of distributors, and by agreement with licensees worldwide.

Contact STI for One-Plate® Electroless Nickel solutions, the simplest EN in the world. These One-Plate® systems use just one “Q” solution for both bath make-up and replenishment. This innovation by STI overcomes the many shortcomings of using three A, B, and C solutions. Available in low, medium, high phosphorous, and composite EN varieties. Naturally, all are RoHS compliant.”

Low Friction / Release Coatings

Countless applications in virtually every industry require surfaces with low friction, lubricity, and/or enhanced release properties.  As such, Surface Technology, Inc. has developed a number of solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of any given application.

Electroless nickel-PTFE (Teflon®) composite coatings such as our NiSlip™ 500 solutions are used worldwide in a countless array of applications.  STI pioneered this technology, and STI is the technical/patent force behind this electroless nickel-PTFE worldwide via sales and license arrangements. Our company was the first to develop such solutions made without PFOA, PFOS, and fluorinated surfactants for environmental and health considerations.  STI now has the greatest selection of EN-PTFE coatings and plating systems including those that operate with our One-Plate® single component plating baths.

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Electroless Nickel-Boron Nitride is another significant coating developed by STI.  Our NiSlip™ 25 technology surpasses electroless nickel-PTFE in certain key characteristics. These EN-BN composite coatings with boron nitride particles provide a number of benefits in terms of both the plating process and coating itself, including:

  • Higher hardness
  • Lower friction under higher loads
  • Greater release of certain mating materials
  • Ability to withstand temperatures up to 850 C compared to the 250 C limit for products containing PTFE
  • A plating bath with a rate of 0.0008 per hour instead of the 0.0003” inherent in electroless nickel-PTFE systems
  • A bath life of 8-10 metal turnovers, more than triple that of typical electroless nickel-PTFE baths, allowing greater productivity, economy, and less waste treatment​
  • The ability to remove the boron nitride from a used bath and re-use these particles in a subsequent bath.

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Electroless Nickel Boron Alloys are coatings made boron instead of phosphorous in the coating.  The use of boron and other elements produces coatings which are hard, low friction, and more flexible than other coatings.  Our ENBO-HB coatings are therefore used in specialized applications where EN-PTFE or EN-Boron Nitride are not possible. 

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