Surface Technology, Inc. is a key leader in the metal finishing industry.  STI has the unique distinction of making all of its technologies available as both services from its solar powered production facility or through chemical products available for customers to implement themselves. 

By manufacturing as well as applying its own chemical products:

  • STI’s coating services embody the highest quality at the most economical basis.
  • Users of STI’s chemical products benefit from unprecedented first hand knowledge and support of these products from their STI technical representatives. 
STI boasts a full line of electroless nickel products and services including the composite electroless nickel technologies.  These composite coatings embody a synergy between hard electroless nickel plating and a wide variety of particles that can be co-deposited such as diamond, carbides, ceramics, PTFE, and others.

STI develops TraceCoat™, a cutting edge coating technology for the identification and tracking of products. Click here to read more about this new innovation.

STI develops black colored versions of its electroless nickel and composite EN coatings to service the demands of a growing array of applications for these coatings.

STI shatters the speed barrier by developing an electroless nickel-PTFE plating bath featuring a plating rate of two to three times the industry standard. Read more about the NiSLIP™ 515 system

All of STI’s electroless nickel and composite EN solutions are available in lead and cadmium free versions for compliance with regulations such as ELV, RoHS, and WEEE. Click here for more information