Surface Technology, Inc. is a key leader in the metal finishing industry.  STI has the unique distinction of making all of its technologies available as both services from its solar powered production facility or through chemical products available for customers to implement themselves. 

By manufacturing as well as applying its own chemical products:

  • STI’s coating services embody the highest quality at the most economical basis.
  • Users of STI’s chemical products benefit from unprecedented first hand knowledge and support of these products from their STI technical representatives. 
STI boasts a full line of electroless nickel products and services including the composite electroless nickel technologies.  These composite coatings embody a synergy between hard electroless nickel plating and a wide variety of particles that can be co-deposited such as diamond, carbides, ceramics, PTFE, and others.

FORGET YOUR A, B, C's - Now All You Need is Q - Introducing the new One-Plate® electroless nickel system. A single "Q" component for both the make-up and replenishment of EN baths that overcomes the many shortcomings of the decades old practice of using three or four different solutions. One-Plate® is the simplest bath ever: Keeps all ingredients in optimal concentrations. Avoids mistakes and contamination. Insures consistently high quality plating. Cuts shipping, storage, labeling, MSDS and other costly logistics.  It's that simple, so Click Here for more information on the breakthrough One-Plate® technology; or contact STI for direct and personal service.

STI is pleased to start the new year with good news for our electroless nickel solutions customers. The United States Copyright Office has recognized STI with a certificate of registration for our new and unique data sheet format. The first of its kind in the industry, two-part data sheet format features a "Base Document" as well as a spreadsheet "Parameters Page" for the specific bath being used. The Base Document provides a wealth of information on the features and properties of the EN system, and extensive guidance on trouble shooting. The Parameters Page automatically calculates the amount of each solution required for bath make-up and replenishment when the user inputs the bath size into the specified cells. This unique format works in Metric and Imperial measures, and provides the plater with the important information needed for daily operation of a bath without all the extraneous information in a conventional data sheet. It has already proven to be a convenient tool for both end users as well as distributors of our full line of proprietary EN solutions. To see a sample of our new two-part data sheet click here. For more information on these solutions, please click here or contact a technical service representative at STI.

Next Generation Electroless Nickel – PTFE - Surface Technology, Inc. continues to live up to its reputation and leadership position in the composite electroless nickel plating field.  This time it is through our development of electroless nickel-PTFE baths that are made without perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).  These substances have both been identified by regulatory agencies as problematic for environmental and health concerns.  A number of government agencies have already prohibited the use of PFOS and PFOA in their territories.  STI, therefore has pioneered the development of EN-PTFE plating systems that are made without PFOS and PFOA, yet preserve the performance and quality of the traditional EN-PTFE systems.  Even STI's revolutionary high speed NiSlip 515 EN-PTFE process is now available without PFOS and PFOA.  This important work has now been recognized in the granting of US Patent number 8,598,260 to STI for this latest invention.

Diamond Coated Golf Clubs - It's that time of year.  As we enter summer, many people are enjoying the opportunity to play golf.  And, as always, golfers are looking to improve their performance.  Surface Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce a revolutionary way to hit the ball farther.  The concept is simple, the harder the golf club, the more energy is transferred from the club to the ball, and the farther the ball travels.  As everyone knows, diamond is the hardest material there is, and STI's Composite Diamond Coating® is the practical, economical and proven way to provide the hardness of diamond to golf clubs.  In multiple test methods from the laboratory to robots to PGA Pro's, STI has demonstrated that golf balls travel over seven percent farther when hit by golf clubs treated with Composite Diamond Coating®.  It's even been confirmed by the USGA to conform to the rules of golf.  So please Click here for all the benefits of golf clubs enhanced with Composite Diamond Coating®, and contact your STI representative for more information.

Featured New Product – Surf-Black - As the leader in composite electroless nickel, STI has developed chemistries and processes for producing black versions of its most popular coatings.  Now electroless nickel with diamond, PTFE, boron nitride, silicon carbide, and other materials can be made with a black appearance.  They have all the same performance as the standard versions, but in black they can be useful for a number of important applications such as firearms, electronics, consumer products, and technical devices where low reflectivity of light is required. Please see our website for  more information and contact STI with any applications for which you would like to explore this breakthrough technology.