Low Friction / Release Coatings

Countless applications in virtually every industry require surfaces with low friction, lubricity, and/or enhanced release properties.  As such, Surface Technology, Inc. has developed a number of solutions to satisfy the unique requirements of any given application.

Electroless nickel-PTFE composite coatings (such as NiSLIP  510 and 520) are used world wide in such applications.  STI pioneered this technology, and STI is the technical/patent force behind Electroless nickel-PTFE worldwide via sales and license arrangements.  The benefits of the synergy between electroless nickel and PTFE are well known.  In addition, STI has also developed the NiSLIP 25 technology to surpass electroless nickel-PTFE in certain key characteristics. The NiSLIP  25 composite incorporates hexagonal boron nitride into electroless nickel to yield a number of critical benefits over electroless nickel-PTFE in regards to both the coating and the plating process:

  • Higher hardness
  • Lower friction under higher loads
  • Greater release of certain mating materials
  • Ability to withstand temperatures up to 850 C compared to the 250 C limit for products containing PTFE
  • A plating bath with a rate of 0.0008 – 0.001” per hour instead of the 0.0003” inherent in electroless nickel-PTFE systems
  • A bath life of 6-8 metal turnovers, more than double that of typical electroless nickel-PTFE baths, allowing greater productivity, economy, and less waste treatment

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